Regenerative Cell Therapy for Neck Pain

Stem Cell Therapy for Neck Pain

Neck pain can be excruciating to live with, and it can become highly limiting and exhausting and even interfere with day-to-day life. Using regenerative cell therapy for neck pain can offer patients a chance at a hopeful outcome, even when traditional methods have failed.

The unique approach of regenerative cell therapy to healthcare attempts to stimulate the body’s natural healing until it goes into overdrive, potentially regenerating or rejuvenating the underlying cause of your pain.

Cell therapy can expedite or assist with recovery for people who have experienced an unsuccessful neck surgery. Regenerative cell research in treating pain in other body areas shows potential, which could also apply to certain types of neck pain.

What causes neck pain?

Many people can trace back a specific incident as the cause of their neck pain. Perhaps it was an injury, accident, or the onset of a condition. Regardless of the source, it can be a significant concern and potentially interfere with almost every aspect of daily life. Before a severe neck injury, most people don’t realize how great a singular incident can impact their lives.

Thankfully, there are potential solutions, even when traditional treatment methods have failed.

How to treat chronic neck pain

While there are many conventional treatment methods, and you should consult a healthcare specialist, regenerative medicine shows great potential for treating chronic pain. Since regenerative medicine focuses on stimulating your body’s regenerative processes, it holds the potential to repair, regenerate, and renew damaged or compromised tissues that could be the underlying cause of your pain.

Specific stretches, exercises, and diet changes could help your recovery. Your regenerative medicine doctor should thoroughly discuss your unique circumstances before agreeing on a treatment plan or pain management because different issues require different treatments. Remember, no treatment is truly one size fits all, so expect varied approaches that cater to your specific situation.

What is regenerative cell therapy?

Recently, it has blown up in popularity, and cell therapy has become a common topic of discussion in North America. People from the United States and Canada wonder, “What is cell therapy, and how does it work?”

Thankfully, you can answer this complex question because, like the rest of regenerative medicine, cell therapy uses your body’s natural healing processes to regenerate damaged and compromised tissues. Depending on the issue and treatment, this may include regenerating bone, skin, muscle, nerves, or other tissue. In human and animal clinical trials, researchers study experimental techniques that may even grow perfectly functional organs from your cells to replace living human organs. How incredible is that?

While regenerative medicine is a young field, research is constantly underway to discover more about different therapies’ safety, efficacy, and potential uses. Searching “stem cell” on pulls up over 7,300 clinical trials in varying stages of completion at the time of this writing. Searching “stem cell” on, the open-access public website hosted by the US government that features scholarly articles about medical subjects, returns over 398,000 articles.

That’s a lot of research related to cellular technologies in regenerative medicine! It can be challenging to know what information is useful and what isn’t, so we provide patients with some of the best information available about regenerative medicine. With the experimental nature of many stem cell treatments, it’s essential that your treatment is as effective as possible, and that all begins with understanding your options.

What are the potential benefits of cellular therapy for neck pain?

Since stem cell therapy for neck pain can help your body regenerate itself, it can directly or indirectly reduce your pain and symptoms.

Many patients have reported an increased range of motion or reduced pain following cellular therapy treatments, which may also stimulate an anti-inflammatory response in areas of the body.

Other patients report increased energy and alertness, though they should know that this is anecdotal and may result from reduced pain.

Cellular therapy could potentially help patients:

  1. Feel less pain.
  2. Have more mobility.
  3. Recover more quickly, getting you back to what you love faster.
  4. Be less fatigued – neck pain can be exhausting!
  5. Feel happier – pain can put a damper on your mood.
  6. Have another chance at treatment when other options have failed.
  7. Bring hope because sometimes it’s hard to keep your chin up when in pain.

What are the potential risks of cellular therapy?

Since cellular therapy is a new field of medicine, there is a certain degree of unknowns. However, many of the currently published studies have identified few safety risks. Some patients may not benefit from stem cell therapy, and the treatment cannot guarantee results. However, for patients with few other options, cellular therapy may represent a bold new choice that could help them on their path to recovery.

What to Expect from Stem Cell Therapy for Neck Pain in Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Youmans will conveniently administer your stem cell therapy at Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy in Las Vegas. For the procedure, you do not have to visit a hospital. Before beginning stem cell therapy, a correct diagnosis is crucial due to the intricate structure of your neck, which includes vertebrae and spinal linkages to the skull. To determine the cause of your neck pain and the extent of any damage to it, Dr. Youmans will do an impartial assessment of your medical history, a physical examination at our clinic, and high-tech imaging and ultrasound during your initial appointment. After that, we will create a detailed plan specifically for your condition.

Preparing your platelet-rich plasma and stem cells on the day of the treatment will be the first stage if stem cell therapy is part of your plan. From conception, stem cells give rise to all the different types of cells in your body. We use all the stem cell types in your bone marrow, such as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), even though many different kinds of stem cells exist in the body. MSCs can split into several types of essential cells, such as cartilage, muscle, tendons, ligaments, and bone. There are strong reserves of these cells in the bone marrow of your iliac. In addition to the stem cells, we also concentrate platelet-rich plasma from the red blood to be used in our cutting-edge, scientifically supported stem cell therapy procedure. By activating stem cells, these platelets release growth factors that promote tissue healing in injured areas.

Dr. Youmans will use IV or oral sedation and local anesthesia to gradually remove a portion of your bone marrow in preparation for your stem cell therapy. We take the sample to the lab to concentrate and extract the stem cells from bone marrow while you pleasantly wait. The stem cells get ready for use in your operation after roughly two hours. Dr. Youmans will carefully inject your live stem cells and platelet-rich plasma into the neck muscles or joints using IV sedation, real-time fluoroscopy, and ultrasonography by your therapy plan. It usually takes 20 to 40 minutes to complete these meticulous injections. The platelet-rich plasma and living stem cells accelerate the body’s natural healing process. Although you won’t have any more movement after leaving the clinic, you might get some pain reduction in the coming weeks. Over the following three to six months, the damaged bone and tissue might be able to heal on their own.

Are stem cell injections safe?

Any operation involving injections carries some risk. However, Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy’s laboratory has performed many stem cell injection procedures with no known side effects. Naturally, there are risks involved with injection procedures (such as pain, bleeding, infection risk, etc.). Still, these are reduced by using a sterile method and having a qualified doctor administer the injection.

  • Since the cells used in stem cell therapy originate from an immunologically privileged region, patient rejection is virtually nonexistent, making this type of treatment the preferable option.
  • Stem cell therapy is well-studied, secure, and efficient. For the past 20 years, plastic surgeons and ophthalmologists have employed stem cells.
  • The American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have determined that all stem cell donors undergo a thorough screening procedure.

What other things could cellular therapy potentially treat?

Cellular therapy can potentially treat many illnesses, injuries, and conditions, although more research is needed.

Since it can repair and generate bone, muscle, tendons, blood, nerve cells, and more, we can’t wait to see what the future brings. If you have questions about cellular therapy, please check out our FAQs or contact us.

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Start Your Stem Cell Therapy for Neck Pain

With stem cell therapy, you can reduce your pain and increase your mobility if you suffer from neck pain from arthritis, overuse of muscles, or injuries or if you wish to avoid invasive and dangerous surgery. It could help you improve your quality of life. For a stem cell consultation, contact Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy right now. Kindly use our contact form or call us at (702) 547-6565.