When you need to recover from an elbow injury, stem cell therapy might be the answer.

Using stem cell therapy to treat elbow injuries is an innovative new treatment option that can stimulate healing in your own body. Stem cell therapy offers you the possibility of an improved quality of life and little downtime without invasive, painful, and expensive surgeries or their associated risks. As a minimally invasive outpatient procedure with little discomfort and few recovery restrictions, it can be a prime choice for athletes and busy professionals.

Don't you deserve a chance to get back to living the life you love without undergoing surgery to get there?

Elbow Injury Treatments

Treatments for Elbow Pain & Elbow Injuries

Stem cell therapy uses the regenerative abilities of your own stem cells to stimulate healing and recovery. Because stem cells are capable of regenerating your body, stem cell therapy has the potential to reduce inflammation, lessen pain, and increase your range of motion.

Treatments for Arthritis of the Elbow

Stem cell therapy can potentially help treat arthritis of the elbow. Stem cells have great potential to regenerate damaged tissues, reduce pain, lessen inflammation, and even repair the damage caused by your arthritis. Stem cell therapy provides hope for an improved quality of life to many patients suffering from arthritis.

Alternative to Elbow Surgeries and Elbow Replacements

Stem cells are the body’s natural healing instruments. Through stem cell therapy, patients might be able to avoid painful surgeries with a medically advanced injection. When we inject stem cells into injured or damaged areas of your elbow, they may help repair and restore your body.

Surgeries and joint replacements can be both dangerous and painful, and often require an extended recovery period. Receiving stem cell therapy for elbow injuries is much less painful and offers a much faster recovery time from the procedure, making it easier on your body.

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Repair, regenerate, and renew your body

Receiving stem cell therapy for elbow injuries could help you stop neuropathy, muscle spasms, and pain. Using the regenerative abilities of your own body, you could finally experience the relief you need. Your stem cells have the potential to heal your elbow and get you back to the life you love!


We extract stem cells from fatty areas and increase the concentration of stem cells by isolating them. Since they are the body’s natural building blocks designed to heal, we make sure they're activated so that they have the greatest potential to stimulate effective healing in your body.

Your recovery time should be minimal to none, since this is a minimally invasive procedure. Stem cell therapy could save you from a lot of painful downtime when compared with more invasive options like surgery.

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Our process is minimally invasive. In fact, the entire thing is over in one day, with many patients returning to work the next day. Once the isolation process is complete, we deliver concentrated stem cells into your body through targeted injections.

First, we use ultrasound guidance to locate the areas most affected by injury, degeneration and inflammation. Next, we inject your stem cells into the best areas for treatment. After injection, the stem cells can naturally repair and regenerate your body, offering potential relief from pain, inflammation, and a great number of conditions. Treating your elbow injury with stem cell therapy provides you real hope for relief and restoration.