Could regenerative medicine help with my hair loss?

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, or baldness can be discouraging for many people. This genetic pre-disposition or vulnerability to losing hair can often lead to social awkwardness and make people self conscious in social settings. However, stem cell therapy can help you regenerate your lost hair. Getting stem cell therapy for hair loss could help you regain your confidence, because this revolutionary new medical advance finally offers you the hope of re-growing your own hair.

What is stem cell therapy for hair loss?

Stem cells harvested from your own body fat may actually help you recover your hair since they can regenerate and rejuvenate hair follicles in the area where your hair loss has occurred. Fat-derived (adipose) stem cells like the ones we use can become many types of cells once they're reintroduced to your body. This is the most natural way to regain your hair without any topical medicines or drug treatments that could harm your skin.

What is the procedure like?

The procedure is actually quite quick, and it's easy on your body! First, we remove the cells from the adipose tissue of your body, along your abdomen or love handles. Then, we concentrate them so that they're even more likely to be effective for you. Finally, we reintroduce those same cells to the areas that have been affected by hair loss. Since the stem cells come from your own body and are genetically coded to regenerate it, they can't be rejected and will begin to regenerate your body. Given time, you could regenerate a lush head of new hair like you had when you were younger.

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Re-gain confidence and re-grow hair with Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy.