Could stem cell therapy help me recover from my sports injuries?

Active people that engage in competitive sports, gym workouts, and group fitness classes such as pilates and yoga are at risk of suffering a sports injury at some point. No matter how hard you try to remain healthy, your body starts to deteriorate as you age, which only increases the likelihood of an injury. In addition to that, exercise and sports may cause damage to our body. Using stem cell therapy for sports injuries, you may be able to help your body recover more quickly and completely than would otherwise be possible. According to the Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine, using stem cell treatments for sports-related musculoskeletal injuries is a promising treatment option.

How can getting stem cell therapy for sports injuries help you recover more quickly?

Using stem cell therapy involves isolating the mesenchymal stem cells (MSC), also known as adult stem cells, found in your own body. These fat-derived stem cells come from fatty areas of your body and are concentrated for greater efficacy. Then, they are introduced to the injured parts of your body.

 What makes these cells so important and different from other cells? They are capable of producing proteins that aid in the promotion of tissue regeneration and healing.

At the peak of our health, the body is able to do this naturally.  However, this natural ability greatly decreases as a result of age and injuries.  It’s important to note that the stem cells used in these treatments are obtained directly from your own body, so there is no danger of immune system rejection. This provides you with an excellent alternative to painful and invasive surgeries. Besides, stem cell therapy has little recovery time and few recovery restrictions.

What are the advantages of choosing stem cell treatments for your sports injuries?

For a professional athlete or very active person, what could be worse than being incapacitated by an injury when you love being active?  Stem cell therapy for sports injuries is becoming a popular option for high profile athletes for the following reasons:

  • There is no need for invasive surgical procedures that come with a long recuperation period. Opting for stem cell therapy means that you could be back on your way to optimal health in a much shorter time frame than if you chose dangerous and painful surgical procedures.

  • Surgeries lead to the disruption of even more tissues while stem cells promote healing and regeneration. Instead of acquiring more damage, MSCs are introduced to your tissues to make them healthier.

  • Stem cell therapy potentially allows your body to return to the healthy state it was in before the accident happened. If you opt for painful surgeries, you might have to repeat them. Each time, this could do even more damage to your body.

  • These stem cells come from your body, so your body will not reject them.

What are the possible risks of stem cell treatments for sports injuries?

Like any other treatment option, there are still risks for the patient.  However, many experts feel these risks are smaller and have fewer negative side effects than other available treatments.

There is a possibility of infection if the stem cells are contaminated. However, that can easily be avoided by getting your procedure done in a sterile facility under clean procedure guidelines like ours. Here at Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy, there is a decreased risk of any outside contaminants being introduced to the stem cells.

The patient may also experience soreness in the area where the stem cells are obtained.  Before moving forward with stem cell therapy for your sports injuries, it's important to discuss everything with your primary care physician or specialist.

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