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Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy in Henderson, Nevada, offers stem cell therapy, a cutting-edge treatment that is part of the emerging field of regenerative medicine. Perinatal Allogeneic stem cell transplants from live healthy births are used for acute injuries sustained in sports, as well as joint, disc, and soft tissue degeneration. The process allows your body to heal itself in a natural way.

Do you suffer from a persistent sports injury?

Do you suffer from arthritis pain?

Have you been told by other doctors that you have a "bone on bone" joint and should consider joint replacement surgery?

Are you suffering from back discomfort and want to avoid fusion surgery? If you say yes to any of these questions, talk to the cellular experts at Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy to improve your chances of getting back to an active and healthy life.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cell Therapy is the exciting and ever-evolving branch of medicine with the purpose of replacing, repairing, renewing, or engineering human cells, organs, or their building blocks, utilizing the body’s innate cellular path for the purposes of restoring functions and homeostasis in humans. Stem cell therapy also aids tissue regeneration.

Regenerative and cellular biomedical therapies are powerful adjuncts to the natural healing mechanisms of the human body to reduce, relieve, or manage pain and certain chronic conditions and improve function. These therapies also help in ensuring the maintenance of the well-being of the body.

The reason for opting for both stem cell and anti-aging medicine is to optimize both longevity and quality of life. It is based on the premise that aging, in the traditional sense, as well as tissue degeneration and accompanying pain and inflammation, is a condition or state of “disease” rather than a natural progression of human longevity potential.

We don't treat cancers, like Leukemia or lymphoma. Or other cancer because these healthy young cells can become anything and they could make the cancer more prolific.

Sickle cell anemia and thalassemia are not generally treated with our procedures. Patients with immunodeficiency could see improvements. Huntingtons disease, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy are not conditions that we treat here at Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy.

However, we have seen evidence of benefits for improvements in multiple sclerosis patients with the cell types that we use.

Stem Cell Therapy uses cutting-edge technology to improve the effectiveness of the body in repairing trauma, degeneration, and the effects of aging and is strictly regulated by the US Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

Our Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy offers state-of-the-art stem cell procedures and utilizes “361” FDA-compliant unmanipulated, homologous biomolecules and rich tissue grafts, and at times, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma from your own blood) to optimize repair and stimulate your body's natural healing process. These ingredients have the potential to boost your body's ability to heal damaged cells and tissues and could help you recover more quickly.

Stem cell therapy is not limited to only adults; children may also need this therapy if they have sports injuries and parental consent.

Our method involves using allogeneic stem cell transplants with perinatal umbilical cord stem cells from live Whaton's jelly. This makes our process better than using autologous cells.

We're happy to offer you personalized stem cell therapy options in a safe and supportive environment and to also help with your concerns.

We Use Cutting-Edge Regenerative Medicine Technology to Provide a Potential for Extraordinary, Life-Changing Results

Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy is a cutting-edge facility providing men and women with regenerative stem cell therapies.

We are experts in non-invasive stem cell processes for repairing:

Heart muscle cells Nerve cells

Liver regeneration

Cartilage regeneration



Publications have shown that beta cells replacement therapy helps in stabilizing glycemic control in patients that have refractory type 1 diabetes.

When you come to Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy, you'll meet with a highly qualified physician who will go over the different choices available to you. Our experts are patient-centered, attentive, and courteous. They put you at ease and provide non-obligatory information that you can use to decide on the type of therapy you want.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs)

Pluripotent Mesenchymal stem cells are present in bone marrow and in high concentration in the perinatal Wharton’s Jelly. MSC’s are responsible for the formation of cartilage, bone, and fat in our skeletal system. MSC’s have been renamed by Dr. Arnold Kaplan to medicinal signaling cells. That is because they go towards inflammation targeting the root cause of inflammation on a cellular level and in fact mitigate the healing response by recruiting cells with the specialized functions needed for repair and regeneration in the area targeted. MSC’s are a great therapy option for people with bone and cartilage diseases because they can repair damaged tissue like tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscle and even bone.

Adult Stem Cells

Multipotent cells used by the body to repair and replace damaged tissue in the same region where they were discovered. Red and white blood cells, for example, are made from stem cells found in bone marrow. However, they can be found in all parts of the body, including the organs, blood vessels, muscles, and even the teeth. They have been very successful at treating autoimmune diseases, degenerative diseases, heart diseases, wounds, and other conditions.

Stem Cell Treatments Customized For Your Health

Joints, tendons, and muscles are the most researched and clinically validated regions to treat using stem cells. Here are some of the most common conditions that Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy uses stem cell therapy to treat:

Rotator cuff tears, impingement, and shoulder arthritis
Arthritis of the ankle and foot, as well as persistent sprains
Knee osteoarthritis with meniscal tears
Back, neck, and hip pain
Wrist and finger arthritis

The effects of stem cell or regenerative therapy are not guaranteed by Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy. We do not recommend stem cell therapy or other regenerative therapies as a cure for any illness, disease, or damage. The FDA has not approved or disapproved any comments or suggested treatments stated on this page or elsewhere in relation to stem cell or regenerative therapy. Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy makes no claims that any stem cell or regenerative therapy applications or potential applications have been approved by the FDA or are even effective.

We also make no claims that these treatments work for any of the conditions listed or unlisted, either explicitly or implicitly. Before deciding to pursue stem cell or regenerative therapies, Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy strongly advises all potential patients to speak with their doctor and conduct their own research based on the possibilities offered, in order to make an informed decision.

Stem Cell Therapy for Soft Tissue and Joints

The physicians at Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy can use stem cell therapy for joint and soft tissue injuries in Las Vegas, Nevada. In patients with persistent osteoarthritis, stem cells can often enhance function and reduce discomfort. Stem cell therapy can also be used for acute injuries, such as partial ligament and tendon tears. Stem cells have the potential to speed up post-surgical recovery and are swiftly gaining traction as a viable option for joint replacement surgery.

Severe knee, hip, Achilles tendon, lower lumbar back, and shoulder pain are prevalent problems that the experts at Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy in Henderson, Nevada can help with. Stem cell therapy may be able to help people with tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, and injuries and disorders caused by skiing or any other sport like boxing, running or biking, etc. It can improve functioning and make people feel much better.

Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain

Patients with low back pain caused by disc disease may be able to benefit from stem cell therapy to reduce inflammation, discomfort, and hydration while also increasing disc height. Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy is a good option for many people with degenerative disc disease who don't want to have spinal fusion surgery.

The facet joints are frequently damaged as a result of central back pain, which is frequently caused by whiplash-type injuries. Facet joints, like other types of joint degeneration, could be repaired with stem cells.

Stem Cell Techniques as a Knee Replacement Alternative

With our cutting-edge stem cell methods, Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy has helped a large number of patients avoid knee joint replacement surgery.

We have provided a viable option for thousands of clients that have come to us after their surgeon has recommended knee replacement surgery. The advantages that patients receive are frequently life-changing to increase their quality of life..

Not only is stem cell therapy a terrific alternative to knee replacement surgery, but it can also be a great way to avoid arthroscopic surgery for issues including meniscus tears and partial ACL tears. When stem cell therapy is used for partial ACL tears, the procedure can help the ligament to heal and also become as healthy as it was before.

By keeping the ligament in its original place and restoring the joint's natural movement, stem cell technique lowers the risk of arthritic changes in the future, which are common after a full ligament replacement.

When you avoid knee surgery and opt for stem cell therapy, you can avoid a long and uncomfortable recovery, months of missed work, as well as potential surgical hazards.

How Can Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy Help You?

It all begins with a precise diagnosis. The Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy specialists will use a patient history, focused physical exam, and advanced imaging to evaluate if you are a candidate for stem cell therapy during your FREE consultation. They will then create a plan tailored to your individual problem.

You'll discover how stem cell therapy can help heal painful illnesses, including osteoarthritis and muscle or tendon tears. Every patient's therapy includes a personalized rehab regimen. You might be on your way to regenerating cartilage, revitalizing your body, and recovering your life with the help of the Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy team.

Our non-invasive stem cell therapy processes can be used for:

Why Choose Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy?

The therapies Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy clinic offers could provide a safe and natural adjunct or alternative to surgery, joint replacement, and a number of medications for the right patients.

It all starts with a conversation. If you are a good fit, then Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy can perform the most advanced same-day regenerative medicine procedures that cause minimal downtime and have few recovery restrictions with the most favorable results.

Our staff at Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy believes in providing real improvement in the quality of life for our patients, and our regenerative medicine patient testimonials is our proof.

Is Stem Cell Therapy right for you?

Whether people were recently injured, just came down sick, or have been battling chronic issues for years, they all want to know the same thing: is stem cell therapy right for them?

Let our medical manager, Blake Youmans, talk about why we got into stem cell therapy and who it can potentially help. Also, take a look at our conditions or contact us today to learn more about how Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy can help.

Also, be sure to check out our latest blogs to learn more about stem cell therapy and how it may be able to help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. The side effects of stem cell therapy are quite low, yet they are frequently misunderstood. The body accepts the new tissue as its own when healthy, blood free Wharton’s jelly stem cells from your healthy donor mothers are used, eliminating the danger of rejection. There is also no chance of catching a communicable disease from a donor patient because the stem cells are screened carefully and processed under completely sterile conditions. Other risks of joint replacement surgery are also avoided, like the increased chance of having a heart attack in the first month after knee and hip replacements and all anesthesia related concerns.

Adult stem cells were taken from your body during the stem cell process. They are undifferentiated cells that can be found in the body among differentiated cells. Their major function is to keep and repair the tissue in which they are found.
Adipose (fat) tissue has the highest quantity of adult stem cells. They're also found in your bone marrow, but in much lower numbers. In addition to what was used for harvesting, stem cells can also be found in blood, skin, teeth, and perinatal tissue.
Adult stem cells are seen in the greatest abundance in adipose tissue (1,000 to 2,000 times the number of cells per volume found in bone marrow). Bone marrow contains stem cells, but it also contains a significant number of growth factors that aid in the healing process.

Recent stem cell research has shown that stem cells from adipose fat tissue are a much better source for repairing cartilage from an adult source because they are better able to turn into cartilage.

During your outpatient treatment, the cells are extracted from donor tissue from an FDA approved and monitored lab to receive the best quality cryogenically frozen live Wharton’s Jelly mesenchymal stem cells (medicinal signaling cells).

Chronic pain is one of the disorders that stem cell transplant is used to address. For example, if you've been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, the cartilage at the ends of your bones has begun to wear away. This makes the bones rub against one another, thereby resulting in inflammation and pain. Stem cell therapy plays a key role in helping the cartilage area grow new cells.
Stem cell therapy has also shown good potentials in patients with the following injuries and illnesses:
  • Muscular tears
  • Severe sprains
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Tendonitis
  • Meniscus tears
Call or book an appointment online now for professional advice and to find out more about our stem cell transplantation services and how it can help.

Learn More About How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help You

Your physician at Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy will carefully analyze your unique condition and diagnosis in order to create a customized stem cell therapy procedure for you. Your examination will begin with a thorough medical history and physical examination, followed by a diagnostic workup. X-rays, MRIs, and other appropriate investigations may be used.

We believe that invasive treatments, such as injections or surgery, should only be used as a last resort. That is why we prioritize non-invasive treatments, like stem cell therapy. Call (702) 547-6565 today to speak with one of our advanced stem cell therapy experts at Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy.

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