How Effective Is Stem Cell Therapy For Shoulders?

Stem Cell Therapy

Do you experience shoulder problems that prevent you from engaging in daily activities? If so, consider using stem cells to treat shoulder pain and injuries. At Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy in Las Vegas, we offer effective regenerative treatments that rely on your body’s inherent capacity for self-healing.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is a common problem that can have a variety of causes. Some of the most common causes of shoulder pain are the following.


Shoulder arthritis can be excruciatingly painful and incapacitating, as anyone who has experienced it will attest. Your range of motion is restricted, and you have constant pain from shoulder arthritis. Stem cell injections are now a standard method of treating shoulder pain, and the less invasive alternative for shoulder replacement surgery is this course of treatment.

Shoulder arthritis may develop as the cartilage in the shoulder joint’s ball and socket wears down. Cartilage degeneration and uncomfortable shoulder bone rubbing may result from numerous conditions that affect the surface of the bones in your shoulder joint. Those who suffer injuries, engage in strenuous physical activity and repeatedly use their shoulders are at a higher risk of developing these conditions.



The lives of those with shoulder bursitis can be uncomfortable and challenging. The shoulder joint’s irritation, where it rubs against tendons, causes this illness. Physical trauma, misuse of the shoulder joint, as well as rheumatoid arthritis can cause shoulder bursitis.

One possibility for treating shoulder bursitis is stem cell treatment. The bone marrow stem cells employed in the therapy can’t differentiate into joint tissues, which aids in repairing the bursitis-related damaged and pinched nerves. Las Vegas Stem cell treatment for shoulder joints also lessens discomfort and inflammation.

Rotator Cuff Tears

The rotator cuff is a complicated shoulder area structure comprising muscles and tendons. This structure allows the shoulder joint to move while maintaining stability and connects the humerus to the shoulder blade. It is conceivable for a few of the rotator cuff tendons to tear or weaken. In this situation, shoulder pain, a loss of motion, and stiffness develop.

If you sustain a rotator cuff injury, engaging in high-impact sports and executing tasks connected to your job can be challenging. The good news is that you may see a positive response from your stem cell treatment for treating your rotator cuff injuries. There’s no need to suffer excruciating discomfort due to your shoulder injury, especially if conventional treatments fail to improve your condition.

Labral Tears

The labrum is in charge of supporting the shoulder’s ball-and-socket joint. The shoulder bones can move freely & painlessly thanks to it. You may experience pain and a constrained range of motion when you rupture your shoulder labrum due to physical trauma or long-term wear and tear. If you don’t want surgery, stem cell therapy for shoulders is among your options.

Our stem cell therapy can help you recover from shoulder labrum tears by inducing your body’s natural healing process. Our regenerative medicine specialists can evaluate your health to determine if you can postpone surgery and allow your shoulder labrum to heal independently. If you’re relatively healthy, young, and free from other medical concerns, we may choose a combination of regenerative therapies to improve your comfort and mobility.

Sports Injuries

For the treatment of sports injuries, stem cell treatments are more popular. Numerous athletes have benefited from therapy since it might hasten the healing process after injuries. However, not every sports medicine physician suggests stem cell therapy for each injury type. Stem cell therapy in Las Vegas, NV, is recommended mainly for traumatic or chronic overused shoulder problems.

How Successful Is Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulder Pain and Injury?

Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative medicine can effectively replace surgery. Stem cell for shoulders has already shown high success rates of over 86% when treating pain and injuries. The treatment acknowledges the body’s capacity for self-healing, so using invasive procedures that could prevent effective outcomes is unnecessary. Furthermore, the treatment does not involve the use of any artificial ingredients.

Are you seeking healing and pain relief for your shoulder condition? If so, stem cell therapy for shoulders in Las Vegas is a viable and non-invasive treatment option for you. You are not at risk for disease transmission, rejection, or allergies because the treatment employs stem cells taken from your body.


How Does the Treatment Work?

Stem cells can speed up the repair of muscles and cells. You may rely on this efficient remedy to relieve shoulder pain by naturally reducing inflammation and bringing about your comfort. You can see the effects of a single stem cell injection as soon as six weeks after our consultation. Over the following six months, you can anticipate the therapy’s advantages steadily improving.

Stem cells are extracted from your body and injected into painful, inflammatory, or damaged tissue as part of stem cell treatment. Several shoulder problems have recovered with stem cell therapy.


What Results Can You Expect From the Therapy?

The results of stem cell therapy for shoulder injuries can vary. For instance, anytime from 6 months to several years following stem cell therapy, you might notice an improvement in your shoulder arthritis.

Most of the time, however, patients begin to feel the results of the medication within a few weeks. Some advantages of stem cell therapy include joint healing, improved motion range, and pain reduction. This type of regenerative therapy has the potential to both prevent invasive operations and halt the advancement of degenerative conditions in some cases.


What is Involved in Stem Cell Therapy?

There is no downtime necessary with stem cell therapy, and we carry out this procedure with your safety and comfort in mind. Modern technology is used at Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy to harvest, prepare, and administer your stem cells. You may rely on us to take care of your requirements and try our best to aid in your recovery from your wounds and shoulder tissue injury.



Our team needs to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure before we can administer stem cell injections. To determine whether stem cell therapy is your best course of action, we will first evaluate your illness and general health.

We tailor the stem cell therapies you receive to your specific medical condition. Numerous variables will affect how many treatments you require and how quickly you will experience benefits. Our team will help you through it and do everything possible to ensure your recovery and pain relief.



You must refrain from the list of medications and supplements we’ll present to you during your appointment to prepare for stem cell injections. Some anti-inflammatory medications you take can alter how quickly you recover from treatment.



We shall begin the procedure by cleaning and numbing that area, wherein we will collect stem cells during the day of the treatment session. We will extract your stem cells through the syringe aspirated mini liposuction or, in some cases, utilize donated human umbilical cord stem cells. You will experience minimal discomfort or pain during this process.


Preparation and Injection

After taking the appropriate volume of bone marrow blood, we will spin the sample inside a centrifuge to separate the stem cells from the other cells. Afterward, we treat your painful and injured areas by injecting a concentrated, pure source of stem cells.

Treatment with stem cells will only require some of your time. We carry out the entire procedure as an outpatient session, which may last 1 to 3 hours. It is not necessary to stay in the hospital. After the procedure, you can go home and continue with your regular everyday activities. 

However, we will need you to come back for a follow-up session so that we can evaluate how your body is reacting to the cellular therapy.


Recovery After Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulders

Stem cell therapy is a promising treatment for shoulder injuries, including rotator cuff tears, arthritis, and other degenerative conditions. Stem cell therapy aims to promote the regeneration of damaged tissue, reduce inflammation, and improve function.

Recovery after stem cell treatment for shoulders can vary depending on several factors, including the severity of the injury, the patient’s overall health, and the type of stem cell therapy used.

Generally, the first few days after stem cell therapy may involve some discomfort, swelling, and stiffness in the shoulder. Patients may need to take pain medication and avoid strenuous activities for a while.

After the initial recovery period, patients will typically begin a physical therapy program to help restore strength, range of motion, and function in the shoulder. The duration and intensity of the physical therapy program will depend on the individual patient’s needs.

It’s important to note that stem cell therapy is not a quick fix, and it may take several months for patients to see significant improvement in their shoulder function. Some patients may require multiple treatment sessions to achieve the desired results.

Patients should follow the doctor’s post-treatment instructions carefully, which may include physical therapy exercises, dietary recommendations, and restrictions on certain activities or medications. Regular follow-up appointments with the doctor are also essential to monitor progress and adjust the treatment plan as needed.


Clinical Studies on Stem Cell Therapy for Shoulders

Stem cell therapy is a relatively new and promising approach for treating various conditions and injuries, including those affecting the shoulders. However, relatively few clinical studies have investigated the effectiveness and safety of stem cell therapy for shoulders.

Here are some examples of clinical studies on stem cell therapy for shoulders:

  • A 2017 study published in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery evaluated the safety and efficacy of mesenchymal stem cell injections in patients with rotator cuff tears. Researchers monitored 20 patients who received stem cell injections for 12 months as a part of the study. The researchers reported that the injections were safe and significantly improved pain and function.
  • Another 2017 study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research investigated using bone marrow-derived stem cells to treat shoulder osteoarthritis. Researchers followed up with 30 patients who received stem cell injections for 12 months as part of the study. The researchers reported significant improvements in pain and function, as well as improvements in imaging findings.
  • A 2020 study published in the Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery evaluated the outcomes of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) injections for treating rotator cuff tears. The study included 43 patients who received PRP or BMAC injections and followed up for 24 months. The researchers reported significant improvements in pain and function but no significant differences between the two groups.

While these studies suggest that stem cell therapy may be a safe and effective treatment option for certain shoulder conditions, more significant and rigorous clinical trials are needed to confirm these findings and establish the optimal protocols for stem cell therapy.



In conclusion, stem cell therapy for shoulders in Las Vegas, NV, holds excellent potential for regenerating and repairing damaged tissue. While the research in this field is still in its early stages, the preliminary results are promising. Many patients report significant improvements in pain and function after receiving stem cell treatments. By harnessing the regenerative properties of stem cells, this therapy may provide a safe and effective alternative to traditional surgical interventions, which can be invasive and may have long recovery times. However, further research is needed to fully understand the mechanisms of action of stem cells in the shoulder and to optimize the delivery methods for maximum regeneration. With continued research and development, stem cell therapy may offer a promising approach to shoulder regeneration and healing for patients with various shoulder injuries and conditions.


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