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cell therapy for back pain

Why Should I Consider Cell Therapy for Back Pain?

From celebrity golf legend Jack Nicklaus to young men like Kris Boesen and Jake Javier, cell therapy has been helping people with back and spine injuries across the country. Many people have successfully used cell therapy for back pain without resorting to painful and invasive surgeries or injections that break the bank. But what has cell therapy been able to accomplish with back injuries?

Courtesy of cell therapy, Jack Nicklaus has returned to golf and, at the age of 79, just played a game of golf with Tiger Woods and Donald Trump only days ago. Kris Boesen’s terrible car accident left him paralyzed from the neck down, but he regained mobility in his arms following an experimental cell therapy procedure. A dive gone wrong left Jake Javier paralyzed the day before his high school graduation. Still, nowhe attends Cal Poly and can better care for himself following another experimental cell therapy procedure.

Now that we’ve seen the potential of cell therapy for back pain let’s take a deeper look at who this could help and where they could get the help they need.

Who Should Consider Cell Therapy for Back Pain?

If you have been experiencing back pain that may last for a while, especially one that has led to a recommendation for injections or surgery, you may be a perfect candidate. Many people experience pain in the lower left back, incredibly sharp, stabbing lower back pain on the left side. Others are seeking upper back pain relief or something else entirely.

Following a traumatic incident like a car crash or fall, it is not uncommon for doctors to recommend that you seek treatment from a pain specialist that may prescribe medications or shots, and an orthopedic specialist may recommend surgery. These are not only expensive options, but each can have serious risks and side effects.

Muscle relaxers can leave you disoriented and lethargic, unable to drive or work properly. Opioid painkillers carry a dangerous risk of addiction, and shots may or may not help a patient but will undoubtedly be very expensive while treating only the symptoms but not their cause. Surgeries are costly and painful, with a considerable recovery time and the potential to miss an extraordinary amount of work or cost you your job.

Meanwhile, cell therapy may be the perfect natural treatment for back pain. After all, the cells come from your own body and can become all sorts of other cells once they’ve been reintroduced to your body, potentially repairing the source of the injury without addictive or painful side effects. Patients can leave the office the same day; they need someone to drive them home.

Beyond that, getting cell therapy for back pain typically offers a quick recovery time from the procedure. Unlike surgeries that can leave you recovering from the procedure’s pain for months, our patients can often return to work the next day and experience a full recovery from the procedure within a matter of weeks.

If you are looking for a natural treatment option, call (702) 547-6565 today and see if getting cell therapy for your back pain may be the proper treatment.

What Does The Research Say?

Much research has focused on using stem cell therapy and PRP to treat spinal injuries and disc degeneration beyond the patient success stories shared at the start of this article. Many researchers are investigating the potential of various cell therapies to help people recover from back injuries, and the current studies show promise. PRP has been examined as a potentially safe, effective, and feasible treatment for discogenic lower back pain.

For patients demographically suitable for cell therapy, there is evidence of safety and feasibility in some instances with spine surgery. Researchers are showing potential for treating spinal cord injuries in a way that can improve the quality of life for affected patients. The Mayo Clinic is currently involved in a study to test autologous adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells to treat traumatic spinal cord injuries and paralysis.

After comprehensive research into the current medical literature, a systematic review demonstrated that cell-based therapies are associated with improved pain relief for people suffering from discogenic lower back pain. A study into cell therapies for herniated discs demonstrated the promise of PRP and cell therapy to relieve back pain. That same study concluded that while an unsuccessful result from these therapies wouldn’t preclude a patient from qualifying for surgical procedures, surgery has a high morbidity rate, and some patients require multiple surgeries.

The results of another study showed no safety issues, substantially lessened pain, improved function, and reduced disc bulge size in most patients. Other studies have displayed the promise of cell therapy for back pain from issues that stem from discogenic pain, neuropathic pain, and osteoarthritis.

Where Can I Get Cell Therapy for Back Pain?

Cell therapy for back pain is available at our cell therapy clinic. Working with a doctor who develops a customized treatment plan considering your unique circumstances is essential for cell therapy. With the right cell therapy doctor and treatment plan, cell therapy can help your back heal.

How Do I Get Started?

While the world of regenerative medicine might seem overwhelming, it’s much simpler if you start with an experienced clinic that follows high-quality standards and has safe practices. At Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy here in Las Vegas, Nevada, our mission is to ensure you get the care you need in a safe and controlled way.

If you have questions about PRP or cell therapy, ask us anything! Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy has outstanding personnel, a caring management team, and a world-class doctor who can help you find the right path for your personalized treatment. Book a free consultation or contact us today, and we’ll help you discover if cell therapy is the right choice.