If you imagine stem cell therapy as a seed, then PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is the fertilizer. PRP shows potential to offer a wide range of benefits on its own. However, it seems to show even greater benefits when paired with stem cell therapy. It could potentially reduce pain and improve function, reduce scarring, lower blood loss and bruising, and speed up healing and recovery.

What Could PRP Help With?

PRP has the potential to speed up recovery for numerous conditions and diseases. For instance, in Osteoarthritis, some studies indicate that patients experienced significant observational improvements in function and pain after receiving PRP injections. Here are some more issues PRP could potentially help with.

 Bone Repair

Published just days ago at the time of writing, a new study shows that PRP may be effective in promoting healing and regeneration of bones.

Wound Healing and Chronic Wounds

Not only does PRP have the potential to enhance wound healing on its own, but it displays increased speed and quality of wound healing when paired with stem cells taken from the fat on a patient’s own body.

Compared to traditional treatments of advanced wound dressing, PRP injections and patches also showed significantly improved healing outcomes for chronic wounds. At the end of treatment, patients receiving advanced wound dressings had wounds 25% – 50% of their original size. However, patients receiving PRP injections and patches had wounds less than 10% of their original size.

Preventing Osteonecrosis

In one study, the application of PRP to a tooth extraction site showed that PRP could potentially be a safe and viable option to promote tissue repair and prevent osteonecrosis.

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunctions

If you have trouble opening your jaw or get clicks and pain when you try, a recently published review might have an answer for you. In following up on several studies, they discovered encouraging results that showed PRP injections could help with pain, sound, and range of motion for patients with temporomandibular joint dysfunctions.

Fertility For Women With Thin Endometrium

Clinical pregnancy rates showed improvement in frozen embryo transfer cycles for women with a thin endometrium. Substantial increases were shown in both implantation and pregnancy rate for women in this situation.

Skin Grafting

In a rare case following a car accident, doctors used PRP to assist in the application of a skin graft that experienced complications. This application of PRP is believed to have potentially allowed appropriate skin grafting.

Skin Rejuvenation

PRP has the potential to rejuvenate your skin, give you a more youthful look, and assist in healing scars, wounds, and injuries quickly and cleanly. For instance, if you want to look younger, a PRP facial may be the right choice since it could help rejuvenate your skin.

And Much More

From sports injuries to chronic conditions, PRP has been shown to potentially reduce pain, promote healing, and increase successful clinical outcomes. Contact a stem cell therapy provider for more information.

Is PRP Covered By Insurance?

Some insurance providers cover PRP injections, but if yours doesn’t, Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy offers both financing and a military discount. That’s a rare thing to find, so I’d recommend checking it out if you’re interested!

Where Can I Get PRP or Stem Cell Therapy?

PRP and Stem cell therapy are available at stem cell therapy clinics, which attempt to help patients by injecting PRP and/or stem cells into their bodies, either by IV or directly to the source they intend to treat.

Depending on your issue, PRP may be enough to treat it on its own. However, it is often paired with stem cell therapy, and using the right type of stem cells allows you to potentially regenerate almost anything, from blood and bone to skin and neural tissue. Given their combined potential, they can be used to treat many conditions, whether caused by injury or illness.

Therefore, it is important for people considering stem cell therapy to work with a doctor that develops a customized treatment plan taking your unique circumstances into consideration. With the right doctor and the right treatment plan, PRP may be able to accelerate your healing and help you feel better faster.

How Do I Get Started?

While the world of regenerative medicine might seem overwhelming, it’s much simpler if you start with an experienced clinic that follows high quality standards and has safe practices. If you’re in need of a suggestion, try Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you have questions about PRP, stem cells, or stem cell therapy, ask them! Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy employs an incredible staff and a compassionate, world-class doctor that can help you find the right path for your personalized treatment. Book a free consultation or contact us today, and we’ll help you discover if PRP or stem cell therapy could be right for you.