Regenerative Medicine for Knees

Regenerative Medicine for Knees

Protected and Successful Cellular Option for your Knees

Regenerative Medicine treatment for knees offers a protected and successful cellular option in contrast to knee surgery in numerous joint pain patients. Rather than experiencing knee surgical procedures, patients would now be able to use regenerative medicine to help knee issues.

What Occurs in the Knees?

The knee is the biggest joint in the body, made out of three primary bones and a refined system of muscles and tendons.

The three bones incorporate the femur/thighbone, patella/kneecap and tibia/shinbone. Each bone is secured by a firm substance known as cartilage that enables the knee to joint curve and fix easily and torment free.

What is the Cellular Therapy Procedue for Knees?

We utilize PRP and/or allogeneic sourced cells from a cGMP lab. These Cells are designed to be the body’s natural building blocks that generate, maintain and even repair tissue. We isolate your cells to increase the concentration of them, which provides an opportunity for greater effectiveness in treating your knee. Your recovery time should be minimal to none, which is preferable to invasive knee surgeries or replacements.

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What Should I Expect With This Knee Treatment?

In addition to our patient’s stories, please check our FAQ for more information about our stem cell therapy procedure.

Our procedure is simple and straightforward. It all starts with a conversation, so that we can fully understand your unique circumstances and how we can best help you. You can come in and talk to us in person or chat with us on the phone or through email. Either way, you’ll enjoy a free consultation and expert advice.

Where Can I Get Cell Therapy for Knees?

Cell therapy for your knees is available at our cell therapy clinic. As with any knee based treatment, it is important to work with a doctor that develops a customized treatment plan for your unique circumstances. With the right cell therapy doctor and the right treatment plan, cell therapy may be able to help you manage your knee problems and enjoy a more productive life again.

How Do I Get Started?

While the world of regenerative medicine might seem overwhelming, it’s much simpler if you start with an experienced clinic that follows high quality standards and has safe practices. At Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy here in Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s our mission to make sure you get the care that you need in a safe and controlled way.

If you have questions about your knees or cell therapy, ask us anything! Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy employs an incredible staff and a compassionate, world-class doctor that can help you find the right path for your personalized treatment. We even offer cell therapy financing for our procedures. Contact us today to book a free consultation and we’ll help you discover if cellular therapy could be the right choice for you!