Meaning, Applications, and Future of Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy

Regenerative medicine is a newer and emerging medical field of medicine focusing on cellular treatments primarily that are becoming more rapidly popular. Cell therapy procedures target the self-healing property of the body and help the body to heal itself through regeneration. There are different forms of regenerative treatments but the most popular among them is cell therapy.

In the beginning; Scientists established two ways to help the body stimulate its own repair. One method uses the injection of human cells to stimulate the production of more helper cells. Besides injection; these cells can be grafted or implanted. The other method is similar except instead of human cells, it uses animal cells.

Many organizations and medical professionals are against the injection of animal cells into a human body, of course, it could be dangerous. But the use of human cells is perceived to be relatively safer, hence the approach has gained more attention and is the most widely used worldwide today.

The most common human cells used in cell therapy include the blood plasma, the bone marrow, adipose tissue, umbilical cord tissue product, and the amniotic fluid. Those cells had been proven to have the ability to develop into other types of cells and trigger regeneration. But what exactly are the main applications of cell therapy?

What Are The Applications Of Cell Therapy?

Also called cell-based therapy, cell therapy works similarly to the body’s natural healing process. It uses natural complex reactions to regenerate and repair damaged cells. The advantage of this process is that it can be faster than the body’s natural process since it causes healing cell recruitment. Among the most popular applications of cellular therapy used is for rapid healing of knee injuries.

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How Cell Therapy Works

Consider yourself injured; The body of course tries to heal you. But when the body lacks the cells needed to promote the healing needed then the problem will persist. That is the exact problem cell therapy tries to solve. When cells from another location in your body, or a donor are injected into an injured site, it is understood to trigger the healing process that the body had failed to initiate. Based on the large number of cells provided, this internal process can be accelerated.

How Useful is Cell Therapy?

Cell therapy has the following benefits

  • It can help many ailments that previously seems incurable
  • Healing process is fast and involves less pain
  • Treatment can be done as an outpatient procedure
  • Could replace surgery in some treatment
  • It regenerates new cells and replaces old ones hence renewing the body and bringing about a more youthful outcome

How Good Are The Outcomes?

For over 50 years, researchers have been working on cell therapy, but what are the outcomes?

Although research is still ongoing, so far many people have been fully treated for different ailments. The therapy has helped to reduce the symptoms of many diseases and conditions. Results have helped to increase the energy and mobility of many patients and ultimately their quality of life.. Among the popular beneficiaries of these treatments are famous sports stars that you will certainly know. 

After a study conducted by the European Union to investigate the effectiveness of cell therapy in treating diseases, it was concluded that the treatment can be applied easily and inexpensively compared to surgical or medication options for the same conditions..


What Is The Future Outlook?

Many experiments and clinical trials have shown that cell therapy can help with many dreadful inflammatory auto-immune diseases and sports injuries. We hope more research will increase the widespread applications of these kinds of treatments to hopefully become the primary treatment for many ailments. 

Ultimately, since cell therapy can regenerate body cells, it can as well be used one day for generating body organs that solely rely on donors, like the heart and kidney. Interestingly, this future may just be around the corner in our collective future.

Where Can I Get Cell Therapy?

Cell therapy for back pain is available at our cell therapy clinic. When considering cell therapy, it is important to work with a doctor that develops a customized treatment plan taking your unique circumstances into consideration. With the right cell therapy doctor and the right treatment plan, cell therapy may be able to help your back heal.

How Do I Get Started?

While the world of regenerative medicine might seem overwhelming, it’s much simpler if you start with an experienced clinic that follows high quality standards and has safe practices. At Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy here in Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s our mission to make sure you get the care that you need in a safe and controlled way.

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