Is Stem Cell Therapy a Natural Treatment for Lyme Disease?

In the United States alone, more than 329,000 people get Lyme Disease each year. As the disease spreads with the proliferation of black-legged ticks across the United States, thousands more are infected every year. Before there was a viable option of using stem cells for Lyme Disease, many people could not find adequate treatment and lived with an unacceptable amount of pain and disorientation.

However, using stem cells offers a natural alternative for those who cannot find relief through traditional methods. Stem cells can potentially repair the neurological damage caused by this invisible disease, helping people regain control of their lives in extraordinary ways. How do we know?

Has Stem Cell Therapy Helped Anyone Overcome Lyme Disease?

Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, was diagnosed with Lyme Disease after ten years of suffering following a bite from a tick on a reindeer at her father’s birthday party. After testing positive for Lyme disease, she received stem cell treatments that helped her return to a healthier, more productive life. In her interview with Whoopi Goldberg on The View, the first time she spoke publicly about it, she said that getting stem cell therapy “saved her life”.

Then, there’s the case of Donna Grant, who has recovered her life and gotten her health back to almost 80% with the help of stem cell therapy. It was a long journey, but it only took about 6 months after starting the stem cell treatments for her to see substantial recovery.

There’s also stories like Ari’s, who was bedridden and unable to live his life at all. He is able to have many more productive hours each day after receiving stem cell treatments. He traveled all the way to India for his treatments, which his friends and family saved for. Thankfully, you won’t have to do the same – our clinic offers excellent financing for qualified patients.

Okay, What Does Science Have to Say About All This?

Kelly Osbourne is far from the only person to experience the benefits of stem cell therapy. From COPD to bodily injuries, stem cell therapy has helped over 1 million people worldwide. Since stem cells can become almost any kind of cell within your own body, they are incredible tools in the hands of practiced doctors. Since stem cells that come from your own body are natural and more easily accepted, they have the potential to be a low risk treatment option compared to many alternatives.

One study on over 50 patients with Lyme Disease showed substantial improvements through imaging after they received stem cell therapy. Both patients in another study, each presenting Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme Disease, showed remarkable improvements in functional skills, overall stamina, cognitive abilities, and muscle strength. In 2018, researchers published the first successful treatment of common variable immunodeficiency in a patient with Lyme disease using stem cell therapy.

Lyme disease can cause arthritis, but stem cell injections typically can reduce inflammation, which reduces the pain and restriction of movement brought on by arthritis. Stem cells could even repair the neurological damage a disease like Lyme Disease inflicts on patients. Since stem cells regenerate and rejuvenate the cells in your body, much of the damage caused by injuries, conditions, and diseases could be alleviated or even reversed by stem cell therapy.

What Should I Expect With This Lyme Disease Treatment?

In addition to our patient’s stories, please check our FAQ for more information about our stem cell therapy procedure.

Our procedure is simple and straightforward. It all starts with a conversation, so that we can fully understand your unique circumstances and how we can best help you. You can come in and talk to us in person or chat with us on the phone or through email. Either way, you’ll enjoy a free consultation and expert advice.

Where Can I Get Stem Cell Therapy for Lyme Disease?

Stem cell therapy for Lyme Disease is available at our stem cell therapy clinic. As with any Lyme Disease treatment, it is important to work with a doctor that develops a customized treatment plan for your unique circumstances. With the right stem cell therapy doctor and the right treatment plan, stem cell therapy may be able to help you manage your Lyme Disease and enjoy a more productive life again.

How Do I Get Started?

While the world of regenerative medicine might seem overwhelming, it’s much simpler if you start with an experienced clinic that follows high quality standards and has safe practices. At Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy here in Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s our mission to make sure you get the care that you need in a safe and controlled way.

If you have questions about PRP, stem cells, or stem cell therapy, ask us anything! Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy employs an incredible staff and a compassionate, world-class doctor that can help you find the right path for your personalized treatment. We even offer stem cell therapy financing for our procedures. Contact us today to book a free consultation and we’ll help you discover if stem cell therapy could be the right choice for you!