Why Should I Use Stem Cell Therapy for my COPD Treatment?

COPD affects over 200 million people and inflicts more than 3 million deaths annually.

From celebrity golf legend Jack Nicklaus to young men like Kris Boesen and Jake Javier, stem cell therapy has been helping people across the country. Stem cell therapy has allowed many people to feel better without having to resort to painful and invasive surgeries or other expensive treatments that may have frightening side effects. Because of its ability to regenerate and replace damaged cells instead of just treating the symptoms, stem cell therapy is an excellent COPD treatment option.

Just ask Burt, one of our patients who suffered from severe COPD, and you’ll hear an incredible story about how coming to Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy allowed him to regain control of his life. See Burt’s story, a real Dynamic patient testimonial, as he shares his experience using stem cell therapy as his first choice for COPD treatment:

Courtesy of stem cell therapy, Burt was able to feel much better and regain control of his life, but he wasn’t the only one.

Jack Nicklaus’ stem cell treatment allowed him to overcome his back injuries, and at the age of 79 he played a round with Tiger Woods and Donald Trump earlier this month. Kris Boesen’s terrible car accident left him paralyzed from the neck down, but he regained mobility in his arms following an experimental stem cell therapy procedure. A dive gone wrong left Jake Javier paralyzed the day before his high school graduation, but now he attends Cal Poly and can better care for himself following another experimental stem cell therapy procedure.

Since stem cells can become almost any cell in the body, their potential to repair, regenerate, and rejuvenate your cells is incredible. With that covered, let’s take a deeper look at who this could help and where they could get they help they need.

Who Should Consider Stem Cell Therapy for COPD?

If you have COPD or have been recommended to get lung surgery, a lung transplant, lung therapies, or take COPD medications, you may be a perfect candidate for our stem cell therapy based COPD treatment. Many people suffering from COPD experience difficulty breathing, have trouble performing day to day tasks, and are frequently winded. Others are hardly able to manage their symptoms with the common treatments that are available, or want to avoid painful and invasive surgeries or risky and expensive medications.

Following a diagnosis of COPD, it is not uncommon for doctors to recommend specialized treatments, regular use of inhalers and medications, diet and lifestyle changes, and smoking cessation. For severe cases, they may even recommend extreme measures such as lung reduction surgery or a lung transplant. While a healthy lifestyle and smoking cessation are important, medications and surgeries can carry serious risks and side effects.

Meanwhile, stem cell therapy may be the perfect natural treatment for COPD. Since the cells come from your own body and can become all sorts of cells once they’ve been reinjected, they may become the kinds of cells that would help you manage your COPD in a natural way. This could help your lungs heal in the same way that Burt’s did, allowing him to breathe easily and be active without an inhaler.

Beyond that, getting stem cell therapy for COPD typically offers a quick recovery time from the procedure. Unlike surgeries that can leave you recovering from the pain of the procedure itself for months, our patients can walk out of the office the same day, they just need someone to drive them home. Patients are often able to return to work the next day and typically experience full recovery from the procedure within a matter of weeks.

If you are looking for a natural treatment option, call (702) 547-6565 today and see if getting stem cell therapy for COPD may be your best option.

What Can Stem Cell Therapy Do For You?

While traditional treatments for COPD could help you manage or treat symptoms, they do not treat the illness itself. Stem cells work by regenerating and renewing damaged cells, potentially regenerating damaged or missing lung tissue and allowing you to breathe much easier. Beyond that, other cells will regenerate, too, with a host of potential benefits for many of the issues you might be facing.

In fact, current studies suggest that stem cell therapy can repair and replace damaged structures in your lungs. Many cell therapies could potentially help people treat COPD and are currently being investigated as alternatives to traditional COPD treatment options. The team behind a study that showed stem cells could reduce airway inflammation and regenerate alveolus believe stem cell therapy could be the key to the future for COPD treatment.

After a comprehensive research into the current medical literature, a systematic review demonstrated that cell-based therapies are associated with improved pain relief for people suffering from discogenic lower back pain. A study into using cell therapies for herniated discs demonstrated the promise of PRP and stem cell therapy to relieve back pain. That same study concluded that while an unsuccessful result from these therapies wouldn’t preclude a patient from qualifying for surgical procedures, surgery has a high morbidity rate and some patients require multiple surgeries.

An approved clinical trial stated that based on their results it could be inferred that “cell therapy introduces an unprecedented change in the course or in the natural history of emphysema, inhibiting or slowing the progression of disease.” Further, they found no significant adverse effects for any of the patients in the trial.

What Should I Expect With This COPD Treatment?

In addition to Burt’s story, please check our FAQ for more information about our stem cell therapy procedure.

Our procedure is simple and straightforward. It all starts with a conversation, so that we can fully understand your unique circumstances and how we can best help you. You can come in and talk to us in person or chat with us on the phone or through email. Either way, you’ll enjoy a free consultation and expert advice.

Where Can I Get Stem Cell Therapy for COPD?

Stem cell therapy for COPD is available at our stem cell therapy clinic. As with any COPD treatment, it is important to work with a doctor that develops a customized treatment plan for your unique circumstances. With the right stem cell therapy doctor and the right treatment plan, stem cell therapy may be able to help your COPD.

How Do I Get Started?

While the world of regenerative medicine might seem overwhelming, it’s much simpler if you start with an experienced clinic that follows high quality standards and has safe practices. At Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy here in Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s our mission to make sure you get the care that you need in a safe and controlled way.

If you have questions about PRP, stem cells, or stem cell therapy, ask us anything! Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy employs an incredible staff and a compassionate, world-class doctor that can help you find the right path for your personalized treatment. We even offer stem cell therapy financing for our procedures. Contact us today to book a free consultation and we’ll help you discover if stem cell therapy could be the right choice for you!