Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Highlights

How do you obtain Stem Cells?

Stem cells are harvested from adipose tissue or fat from you (the patient). Then, once harvesting is complete, extraction of the stem cells occurs through a minimal manipulation process. This is performed to concentrate the stem cells for deployment back to you. Our team of professionals can inject joints or re-infuse the concentrated cells through an established IV for delivery to all points needing regeneration or repair. This entire process is done within the same day and all within our comfortable and beautiful facility.

How long does the harvesting technique take?

The mini liposuction only takes about 20 minutes. Once the fat has been extracted, the patient can relax or sleep while the stem cells are isolated.

stem cell extraction procedure
stem cell therapy process

How much fat do you take?

Only 50 mL of fat is needed to extract stem cells for infusion by means of our revolutionary procedure. However, some patients choose to cryogenically freeze excess fat for use at a later time in case of a future injury or discovery of disease. In this regards we can take as much as 200 mL of fat for storage all within a sterile, closed system free of contaminants.

Where do you take the fat?

We harvest the fat from love handles or the abdomen.

procedure of stem cell therapy

What kind of anesthesia do you give?

Local anesthesia only is given for harvesting. This is done under close medical supervision. Continuous vital sign monitoring is adhered to as needed. In some cases mild sedatives can be used to reduce anxiety.

Am I going to have scars?

You may have tiny marks that look similar to small freckles. Following the procedure careful care will help minimize the scar tissue.

What happens after the extraction technique?

Following your mini-liposuction, the medical staff will isolate your stem cells while you wait. Most patients will sleep during this time.

How long does the entire procedure take?

Most patient procedures will be completed within 3 to 4 hours.

Can I go home afterwards?

Yes. However you will need someone to drive you to and from the office.

Will I be able to return to normal activity right away?

Yes, Post operative discomfort is minimal and there is minimal restriction on activity.

How long is the recovery?

Many patients are able to go back to work on the following day. However, you may be sore for about a week following the procedure. Most patients see a return to normal exercise and activity within 2 weeks. Patients have seen a return to high level activities in as little as 3-4 weeks.

Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

How long does it take to see improvement?

Individual ailments vary and the outcome of Stem Cell therapy depends on your body’s unique healing process. Some patients have experienced results immediately or within just days of receiving Stem Cell therapy. Other patients may take months to reach optimal resolution of their ailment. No one can guarantee the outcome for this or any treatment. Each patient is different and the results will vary.

*We deliver stem cell enriched treatments. The milieu extracted and delivered is rich with stem cells but it "does not single out any one particular cell group", as no differentiation has yet occurred. This is provided as a service and as a practice of medicine only wherein the physician and patient are free to consider their chosen course of treatment. This procedure is not a drug nor do we claim it to be a cure for any condition. Our protocols follow same day tissue transfer guidelines and “minimal manipulation” guidelines as set forth by the FDA.