Stem Cell Therapy For Knees

Dynamic Stem Cell Therapy offers hope for those suffering from numerous knee conditions or injuries.

Regenerate And Rejuvenate Tendons, Ligaments And Cartilage In Patients With Knee Pain Or Injuries

Our revolutionary Stem Cell Therapy provides an optimistic and safe alternative to knee replacement or knee surgery. Knee Stem Cell Therapy can help to alleviate pain and inflammation with the possibility of repairing and regenerating the damaged areas of your knees, giving you the relief you seek.


Knee Stem Cell Therapy

For many suffering from debilitating knee conditions, hope for relief and an alternative to surgery and all of its associated risks are a possibility through stem cell therapy.

Treatment For Knee Arthritis

After harvesting and processing, stem cells are injected into the arthritic joint. Stem cells can be an effective means for reducing inflammation, developing cartilage, decreasing pain and slowing arthritic degeneration.

Treatment For Knee Pain

Those suffering from varying degrees and intensities of knee pain can experience relief through stem cell therapy, allowing you to better enjoy daily activities and movements as tendons, ligaments and cartilage repair and regenerate.

Treatment For Knee Tears

Stem cell therapy can be used as an alternative to knee surgery and all of its associated risks and a treatment for knee injuries including ACL or meniscus tears. Stem cells create the possibility for the regrowth of healthy tissues in the damaged or degenerated areas resulting from a tear.

Knee Stem Cell Therapy
Knee Stem Cell Therapy Procedure


Stem cells are first harvested from a patient’s own adipose tissue (fat) through a mini liposuction procedure. The stem cells are then extracted and isolated in order to concentrate the stem cells that will be used.

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Knee Stem Cell Therapy Treatment


Using targeted injections, the isolated stem cells are mixed with platelet rich plasma (PRP) and then reintroduced to the body in strategically pinpointed areas. These localized injections are often delivered through ultrasound guidance in order to focus application to the damaged or injured area of the knee. Through knee stem cell therapy, patients can find hope for the repair, regeneration, and rejuvenation of their ailing knees.

Knee Stem Cell Therapy Specialist

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*We deliver stem cell enriched treatments. The milieu extracted and delivered is rich with stem cells but it "does not single out any one particular cell group", as no differentiation has yet occurred. This is provided as a service and as a practice of medicine only wherein the physician and patient are free to consider their chosen course of treatment. This procedure is not a drug nor do we claim it to be a cure for any condition. Our protocols follow same day tissue transfer guidelines and “minimal manipulation” guidelines as set forth by the FDA.